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Our Mission

In Australia alone, consumers currently use 3.92 billion plastic bags each year. That's an average 170 plastic bags per person, per year. With only 3% of plastic bags in Australia being recycled, the ugly reality is that almost 200,000 bags are dumped in landfill every single hour. Our marine life and turtle friends are suffering at our hands the most,  with 8 million metric tonnes of plastic per year ending up  in the ocean.  


At Belle + Frank, we want to provide you with a beautiful solution to the current plastic bag epidemic. We believe sustainability can be incorporated into every day life with premium, reusable bags that are both functional and aesthetic. 


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 Anabelle founded Belle and Frank in 2017 after being frustrated with the lack of suitable reusable bags on the market. She learnt that the 'green' bags sold in supermarkets all around Australia weren't actually sustainable, and needed to be used approximately 104 times (weekly for two years) to make them worthwhile. Anabelle wanted a bag that looked good, was sustainable, and also wasn't made from plastic. Her vision is to create a brand that offers affordable and practical products to help keep you looking on trend whilst also looking after the environment.